1. SSHGuru

    She is so white even the sun has to put on shades to look at her.

  2. Mae

    The face of a woman who just blew someone in the back of an Escalade formcoke. Classic Lindsay..

  3. girlface

    she looks more homeless than the poor bastard who sleeps under the blanket by her feet every night.

  4. She looks pissed because someone parked an Escalade next to her bed and woke her up.

  5. Cock Dr

    Hope the drunk-y pill popper ain’t driving.

  6. consider that she’s 14 years YOUNGER than Carmen Electra from the previous gallery photo. I have nothing to add to that.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Once upon a time in the land of no second chances…

  8. The Brown Streak

    Lindsay accidentally tried to snort her legs.

  9. PoorMaryKelly

    How does she lay out in the sun all the time but her skin stays a pasty alabaster? It’s like she’s been embalmed.

  10. I’m beginning to think she had a reason to sue the “milk-a-holic” baby. There’s no way someone this anorexic and cracked out could be so bloated. Dairy makes you bloat…

  11. Sideshow_jay

    Ugh. First she steals a necklace, now it’s The Dude’s sweater. That really tied his look together, man.

  12. GuyLeDouche

    Looks like Wayne Brady’s going to have to choke a bitch.

  13. Alex

    Doesn’t get much sexier than this.

  14. Setting up camp to see what being homeless is really like?

  15. Basalt is a helluva rock.

  16. Arzach

    The invasion of the albino saggy tits!

  17. Dear Lindsay,

    Hauling cock in the back of a car doesn’t qualify as community service, even if the recipient goes to community college or sleeps in a community center.

    Judge Sautner

  18. Lindsay Lohan running around to sit in the passenger seat after running over a homeless man. Despite the fact that she was the only one in the car at the time, the police say (big shocker) that no charges will be laid.

  19. Mike701

    Looks like Mr Peabody set the Wayback Machine on fast forward.

  20. KC

    SUV + blanket + worried expression = someone is trying to dispose of a body.

  21. sooooooosuperficial

    Points for matching the tan line from the ankle bracelet on her left leg by wearing a sock on the right until they evened out. The symmetry is quite attractive in a hillbilly kind of way.

  22. downwithmuffins

    is her reputation so bad dealers wont just make a house call for her or what? i always HATE when some dude wants to meet at like a mcdonalds at 7pm or some shit to sell me weed.. that in broad daylight shit is scaaaaaaarrrrrrrryyyyyy.. and unwise..

    but whats really gonna happen? they gonna arrest her? she could have been ambushed by paps who opened her door seeing her mid snort.. and after 20 minutes of googling i managed to come up with her future excuse for her!! BATH SALTS.. she could totes say she was snorting bath salts..


    i feel as though ive seen the future…

  23. C.

    I’m sorry, but I need to go here – SHE’S SO FAT! THOSE ARE CANKLES! I want old, super-skinny Lindsay back.

  24. rough bringing back the classics

    Look at lilo cheapening her way into Brendan Frasier’s unused meter time on script consultation.

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