1. I can make a bong from this bottle and piece of paper!

  2. What the hell is he celebrating?? The “I’m still alive” Olympics??

  3. “Check out how skinny my arms are!”

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Yeah! I’m going to get 5 cents for this bottle I just got out of the trash.

  5. who dat

    Hipster or homeless? We shall never know.

  6. sexyman48

    And the winner of the college douche bag look-alike contest is…

  7. who dat

    “When celebrities dress themselves” a new thoguht provoking documentary featuring Rihanna, the Olsen twins, Katie the drone Holmes, and many more.

  8. who dat

    My ass can stretch THIS wide, that’s how I got the role on the OC.

  9. who dat

    My three girlfriends and I found these magical pants that fit each of us, even though we are all totally different sizes and one of us is a whale. Isn’t that so super neat? I hope these pants help me catch that cute bartenders eye!

  10. MrsWrong

    Ya got yer tickets to the watergun show?

  11. who dat

    Ok I’m done I just really can’t stand this guy. Forgive me.

  12. PoorMaryKelly

    He’s not assuming the position? I thought he was being arrested.

  13. meh

    “I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and GAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!”

  14. meh

    These pants are the color of my vagina.

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