1. KungFu Panda

    First pic in a while where she doesn’t look like she just shit herself.

  2. Bitch please… Go call Kardashian’s photoshop guy for some real special effects…

  3. Cock Dr

    An airbrushing masterpiece.

  4. DeucePickle

    Photo by ILM

  5. SIN

    PLease, someone photoshop a Blue Lagoon picture here.

  6. tom

    Even after photoshopping she just looks too masculine to me. I’d be afraid she’d punch me if angry.

  7. Somewhere a little piece of Tom Cruise just died…

  8. Frank

    I would bend her over…and then walk away leaving her frustrated.

  9. Johnny P!

    The youngest, sanest and freshest she’s looked in years.
    Thanks, Photoshop!

  10. EricLr

    Okay, good, good. Now show us “Business Crazy”

  11. Holy Moley…They got George Lucas to CGI her!

  12. JC

    “I can’t read, but I play a person who can read on TV…”

  13. memmememe

    Mr. Photoshop meets Brook Shields.

  14. lily

    pretty but clearly shopped

  15. name

    The Foster Grant people must think we are really stupid! Their glasses just so happened to transform Brooke into this, whatever it is.

  16. Tati

    Too bad he made her shoulders look like bent elbows.

  17. Little Tongue

    She looks pretty calm for someone getting punched in the chin.

  18. JennywithaY

    When did Brook Shields trip and fall into the Uncanny Valley?

  19. Mama Pinkus

    she looks very manly – if she cut her hair she would be channeling Grace Jones

  20. Joaquin ingles

    Looks like an oil painting. Pathetic.

  21. Where’d they do the photography, Olan Mills?

  22. King Diamond

    Holy Photoshop Batman!

  23. I think she’s a classic beauty. Sure she’s crazy looking these days, but she always was, and still is, a very beautiful woman.

  24. Hugh Jazz

    Brooke Shields is CRAZY… for her Foster Grants.

  25. Lens Crafters. One hour to Brooke Shields, or it’s free.

  26. anonymous

    Is that an oil painting of Brooke Shields?

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