1. Somehow I don’t think “As the guy who came into my butt last night” quite fits into that shirt….

  2. Cock Dr

    I hope this sad photo can at least inspire some good jokes.

  3. vgrly

    Can I unsee his man toe?

  4. Inner Retard

    Something about this picture is just wrong. I can’t put my finger on it… and I don’t want to either!

  5. Power strolling.

  6. ben dover

    “fast as _ _ _ _”


  7. it had to be said

    He should have been forced to wear the Olympic uniforms. And buy them. At full boat.

  8. rican

    What’s Joe Piscopo doing outside of Jersey?

  9. Johnny P!

    Hilfiger it out…

  10. Two blocks down the street, he stumbled upon a gang of gay ham radio operators, and hours later, during a brief lull in the melee, his ass sent out an . . . – - – . . .

  11. CriCri

    F U C K

  12. EricLr

    …a lightly-tapped shuttlecock?

  13. Lalala

    Did Mickey Rourke go on another diet?

  14. Nice built in knee pads

  15. Sheppy

    The pants looked better on Lawrence

  16. Little Tongue

    Stop making fun of him, y’all! The guy has a monoball, which makes him, technically, handicaped. Have a heart!

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    Travolta? Oh wait …that’s too many letters.

  18. The Winchester

    Man, he looks much more lifelike in the Hellboy make-up.


  19. Who's your mama

    “Fast as…BALL”

  20. Bigalkie

    Peanut dick dresses left

  21. F_A_G (damn)
    G_A_Y (damn)

    I give up.

  22. catapostrophe


  23. Bionic_Crouton

    The shirt is an advertisement for his “FAST ASS FUCK” services.

  24. catapostrophe


  25. There’s an S missing on that shirt.

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