1. Anthony

    Anyone have a paper bag handy?

  2. Her mom spends a reported Half a Million on plastic surgery but can’t afford to fix this hot mess?

  3. DeucePickle

    A good “legs” day at the gym might be something to consider.

  4. SIN

    She needs to show alot more tits to distract us from that face.

  5. Sooperficial

    Thnees. It’s like cankles… well, you get the point.

  6. it had to be said

    The cleavage idea was good, but she needs more.

  7. EricLr

    I bet she gets really pissed off when cars pull up and ask “How much for a date?” But then she still gets up the next morning and puts something like that on.

  8. I heard she’ll only talk to Wilber Post.

  9. I’m guessing the necks on all her shirts are totally stretched out.

  10. Frank

    Who the hell is this?

  11. alex

    She’s looking hotter than ever. Granted, I dont love the hair but she’s growing on me…at least she’s trying to actually DO something versus all the trust fund babies out there. Woohoo Rumer!

    • What is she trying to do?

      • I was just gonna say dat….

      • alex

        She’s trying to be a legitimate actress. She’s not out partying every night with the Barron Hilton’s of the world–you know, the people that literally do nothing but spend their parents fortune.

        I give her major props for putting herself out there when everyone and there brother call her fug and jay leno’s sister. Some day she might surprise people and have a breakout role. Whatev, I like her.

  12. Frank

    I give up… Fuck it.. ugly anyway

  13. memmememe

    damn she fug.

  14. Frank

    Kristen Stewart… to be fucking kidding me.. found same pic on another site that actually had a name attached..

  15. Salad Face

    I’m compelled to make love to her body… but stab toothpicks in her face.

  16. Mary Feeney

    If looks could kill…

  17. It’s a shame to see Russell Brand letting himself go like this…

  18. Do-able from the neck down.

  19. spanke13

    Your kidding right? I would make her blow me after fucking that nasty body to clean off the funk.

  20. sammy

    what cruel comments! she’s perfectly normal looking and a lot more interesting than your average blond and plastic look that is too common in hollywood and the rich.

  21. superdouche

    Hey Rumor, Wanna hear a joke about your chin??? Never mind, its too long.

  22. mean_gurl

    He’s Cute!

  23. Bionic_Crouton

    She got Demi Moore’s body and Bruce Willis’ face. Would you prefer it was the other way around?

  24. joe

    Hey I am straight and would rather fuck Bruce Willis than this skank.

  25. El Jefe

    Rumer is she can take a punch.

  26. I believe she has one redeeming social value. It’s called tits!

  27. King Diamond

    Nice knees Quasimoto!

  28. Brit

    3 bagger. One for you,one for her and one just in case your room-mate comes home.

  29. Brit

    All she’s missing is the floor-length black dress and the white streak in her hair

  30. The potato is strong in this one.

  31. anonym

    sucks when you inherit your parents’ worst genes.

    That narrow long face of Demi never matched that egghead of Bruce.

  32. For a second I thought it was Marilyn Manson.

  33. My penis is bawling like a toddler and all I get between the sobs is something about being “so fucking confused right now”.

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