1. Josephus

    Has anyone ever motorboated an ass before? ::volunteers::

  2. Taylor Swifts Tampon String

    The logs that must escape from that ass must smell of violets and grapes

  3. Inner Retard

    Tight body, hose, nozzle sliding into a hole… It’s just too easy.

  4. Is is OK to have a smoking hot ass around a gas pump?

  5. Frank

    Yes…yes I have. And it looked that nice. Bad new…got pink eye.
    Was almost worth it.

  6. “Remove nozzle and place in butt? I don’t understand.”

  7. CriCri

    Does this one ever get out of these yoga pants?

  8. Athr

    Pretty ok, but doesn’t compare to KimK, sorry…

    • Frank

      Kim Kardashian is such a fucking fat ass ugly ho… stop looking at glam shots and use your god damn eyes. She is not now or ever been hot or had a nice ass. Fat flabby worthless ass yes.
      You can worship at the alter of photoshop all you want.

      • lily

        agree. KK and Nicki Tranny minaj cannot compare to a real woman like this who does not deface her body by inject parts of it with fat. KK has a fat disgusting rumply cottage cheese ass, and is the most vain person on the planet

      • Animal

        Can we conclude from your comments then, Frank, that you concede Kimmy looks good after photoshop?

      • Athr

        This makes no sense. You’re saying every set, all hundreds of them per day, of KimK’s backside, most of which look delicious and womanly, are photoshopped? She’s shaped like a woman, and more so that most women :D If you don’t like that, well go talk to elton john about boat tickets.

      • Kim K looks like she has a medical condition. If my wife ever looks that “womanly,” I’ll be getting a divorce or a girlfriend (or both). Whichever is cheaper.

      • lily

        laughable. KK is a real woman with womanly curves? You forget that her “curves” are a result from fat injections and silicone. how is that womanly when its FAKE? any skank on the street with tons of money and insecurities could do the same and achieve this monstrous result known as KK’s ass. try googling a pic of her back in 2005…she had a flat pancake ass like her sisters.

      • Kim’s ass is going to hell in a handbag. At one time it was beautiful. And she’s always had great tits. Her body is simply not aging well.

        Sorry, lily, but I disagree with you. Behold Kim Kardashian age 14…

        [img] Kardashian age 14 1-340_333.jpg[/img]

      • With a body like that at 14, it’s no wonder she turned out the way she did. A soul sucking harpy, who only uses people to further herself.

  9. JC

    I’m pretty O.K. with this girl taking all the roles that KStew is going to lose.

  10. lily

    she looks great

  11. ty


    • Athr

      The basic problem with your premise is that a lot of elton john’s top boating pals would look somewhat similar to this from behind. Whereas truly curvaceous women are nothing like that… Think KimK body-type. Hawt.

  12. Who's your mama

    Pump that gas, bitch.

  13. The Pope

    What’s in the boooooox?!

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    Dammit! I had a Kim K and a black hose joke primed and ready.

  15. Emma Watson's Vagina

    oh who wants to fuck the birthday girl’s but?

  16. Tad Bit Tipsy

    I think her ass expands and contracts with the rise and fall of gas prices.

  17. Jennifer, Baby, you wait right there and I’ll do the pumping.

  18. I’ll pump that ass.

  19. Hugh Jazz

    Regular, Plus or Super? Hmm, better check my E-meter.

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