1. BP

    “That’s a fine looking lass”
    “Throw her in the back of my Range Rover, I’ll bung her whilst Kate is recuperating”

  2. “No, that’s not my stepmother either, got anything more horsey?”

  3. Minky Wail

    “She does fellate admirably, I will give you that.”

  4. “I still don’t get how this is milking… Oh wait… Ha! I see what you did there”

  5. Here’s your hair transplant donor, sir. It’s the closest colour match we could find.

  6. “I see the ribbons, but I refuse to believe that a cow could win all those for….ohhh….ahhhh….mmmm….that IS blue ribbon quality, good fellow….ohhh…”

  7. fred

    “Ummm. No, your highness. Drinking milk directly from the cow will not help you grow hair on your head, and no, I very much do not want to play “milk the cow” with you in your room.”

  8. “You’re telling me that our educational system so bad that THIS is the UK spelling bee champion?”

  9. Is Prince Charles on vacation this week?

  10. Wrynoceros

    What? Do I know how to impregnate a common cow? Why would I…? Ohhhh, I see what you did there, yes, jolly good…

  11. Gerard Depardieu is the set of ‘F2013′ in Paris. (August 13, 2013)

  12. crb

    I could swear this is exactly what she looked like when I dropped her off at hospital.

    Except Kate has never won an award at anything,

    -other than marriage, old bean.

    Anyhow, if you say this is my wife, then tally-ho old man…

  13. Vlad

    Yes, hold her head steady…I’m almost there.

  14. Hank E. Ring

    How long will she suckle on this again?

  15. “You’re certain this is where steak and kidney pie comes from?”

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