1. Deacon Jones

    You’re so quiet all of a sudden you’re the one they call “Mouth” aren’t you?

    [mumbling] Mmm mm!

    [Mama Fratelli proceeds to pull a very long pearl necklace out of Mouth's mouth] Oh my god! OH MY GOD! Is that all?

    [mumbles] Mmm hmm.

    [Mama Frateli smacks Mouth on the back of his head and he spits out the rest of his share of the jewels]

  2. Apparently this idiot banged Madonna about 17 years ago.

  3. And in today’s Superficial Open Mouth photo…

  4. With that expression, one would think the title of the film was Blow Jobs.

  5. Someone got confused… It’s the premiere of ‘JOBS’ not blowjobs.

  6. “I’m here for the opening”.


    I’m sorry, I’ll show myself out.

  7. fred

    He just walks around like that to distract everyone from staring at his massive eyebrows.

  8. Calhau

    Hey, man. The film is called Jobs, not Blowjobs.

  9. There is a set of lips behind his teeth.


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