1. BP

    Nah, we’re not high…

  2. He looks like he is a special needs kid that just hit puberty.

  3. spikedtounge

    He looks like Geraldo and Moe had a baby!

  4. That’s not how you suck his kiss.

  5. In another time, in another dimension, Hitler was just another guy on the way to the beer hall.

  6. Gotta admire his dedication to the ‘stache.

  7. This guy has always come off as creepy to me.

  8. cc

    At least he’s drifted away from the Hitler homage.

  9. evilstamos

    Since when can Pete Wentz grow a moustache?

  10. Vladimir

    “Under the bridge downtown, I used to be real cool…”

  11. “Good morning, USA. I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a wonderful day…!”

  12. tlmck

    Are they remaking Sonny and Cher?

  13. “Lunchtime for Hitler and Vestergaard …..”

  14. If Hitler Had Dropped Acid: An Alternate History

  15. Eugene

    Kiedis always looks like he hasn’t showered in days.

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