1. BP

    Why is she always photographed near “Sand”?
    Her name should be Shauna Cumshot!

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “OK, Shauna, I’ll give you bigger boobs. But I’ll need to draw fat from somewhere else on your body.”
    “What? Why not use a dono-OW! Where’s the anesthetic? I thought you were a professional!”
    “Professional what?”

  3. Nice camel toe…wait, what?

  4. Dick Nose

    I wanna lick the sweaty underside of that flabby buttcheek

  5. spikedtounge

    Seriously, she was in Playboy 1,000 years ago and married to Lorenzo Lamas 100 years ago so why the fuck is anyone taking her picture?!

  6. CK

    No ass, huh? Pfft.

  7. meeps!

    Madam Tussaud knows better than to leave that shit in the sun…

  8. She looks like the leftover husk of an attractive woman that shed her skin.

  9. cc

    Boobs by Fisher-Price

  10. I would nail that flat ass hard.

  11. chrisbreezyboxingacademy

    why am I suddenly in the mood for chewed gum?

  12. She has the body of someone who thinks walking in stripper heels and pushing her chest out qualifies as “exercise”. She looks like someone took the dictionary definition of “rode hard and put away we” and then shit on it.

  13. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Could we see more Charlize Theron pictures, please? We need something to help us recover after seeing this.

    Guess it’s too late to have Charlize sit down with this half-melted sex toy to talk about natural beauty and how plastics will ruin a woman.

  14. She has more silicon/plastic in her duck lips , boobs , shoes etc than that god awful so called watch thing.

  15. Paully Boston Baby!

    You know the old saying “Don’t bring Sand to the beach!!!”

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