1. BP

    Mary Joe Jenner seen strolling the streets of LA after a WNBA game!

  2. Smapdi

    From Olympian to Old Lesbian: The Bruce Jenner Story

  3. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Bruce Jenner and my aunt in the same room at the same time.

  4. Melissa Etheridge has really let herself go.

  5. Haha…that lady stole a coffee that was intended for someone named Bruce.

  6. I think you mean “Mrs. Bruce Jenner”

  7. When can we start using the title “pre-op?”

  8. Now that Rosie O’Donnell has finally lost some weight, I think I’d do her.

  9. Miss Pickford

    Then: 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist for the USA for Men’s Decathlon, Now: Exposed as a long-unknown defector from the Women’s East German team.

  10. Back in the 70′s when the Incredible Hulk was on TV, they changed the name of Bruce banner to “David” Banner because they felt “Bruce” was “Too gay of a name”, despite the fact that BRUCE Jenner was recognised as one of the greatest athletes on the planet earth (True story).

    Cut to 35 years later – who knew that the producers of The Incredible Hulk were actually time travelers who knew that Bruce Jenner would eventually, slowly, but surely give in to his tranny-like desires.

    And that’s one to grow on, because knowing is half the battle. Go, Joe!!

  11. Cock Dr

    This pains me. He was an incredible athlete, an American Olympic star. Now he’s fallen in with a Bad Crowd.

  12. That bitch is ugly.

  13. “Penny Marshall! Can you sign my shirt?!?”

  14. “Man, I sure hope somebody finally randomly shoots me in the fucking head today.”

  15. Pilin

    I’m glad that Mason Verger has a new face…..

  16. He should see Kramer and Mr. Constanza about wearing their “Bro” prototype.

  17. crb

    I’ll show you a woman can play tennis!

    Just you watch me beat the crap out of Bobby Riggs!

  18. Paula Poundstone has finally come out of hiding.

  19. Andie

    AHHHH! I really thought this was a woman!

  20. Robb7

    So thousands spent on all that plastic surgery and this is how he ends up looking — a post-menopausal gym teacher. Leave that bitch and start living a real life, not a life played for laughs on a shit-ass reality show!!

  21. ultra

    transsexuals always look pretty beat up when they get older.

  22. Maybe if someone were to beat his face into a bloody piece of meat, he wouldn’t look so…so…vaginal.

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