1. hollyhood

    someone must have shouted that they found her career – it probably died from neglect.

  2. That pose is for women who want to show off the back of their dress, or guys who are pissing between a building and a dumpster.

  3. EricLR

    She is neither foreign nor press.

  4. CK

    I hate this stupid pose. she might as well turn her head around and stand facing the wall.

  5. she is a complete fame whore

  6. Dick Nose

    Why not just bend over and spread your ass cheeks

  7. The pose is as contrived and desperate for attention as its striker.

  8. Odbarc

    “Look out!” they said as she walked right into that wall.

  9. Robb7

    Talentless, over-hyped POS!

  10. “Does this purse make my gunt look big?”
    “Ok, then let me turn around for the pictures.”

  11. Skeeter

    I bet her asshole is immaculate and delicious.

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