1. BP

    Winner of the 2013 Summer Special Olympics….

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Tobey! Do you know where I can get some Valium?”

  3. No Occifer, I have not been drinky.

  4. He is not going to pass his sobriety test.

  5. “You worthless *hic* punk! I was once *hic* Spider-freakin’-Man! Don’t make me *hic* web you…”

  6. EricLR

    I can still shoot stuff out of my fingers. Only now it’s mostly pus.

  7. donkeylicks

    ”with great… responsibility.. comes.. great, great … oh fuck it”

  8. Calhau

    “Is that the way to irrelevance?”

  9. meeps!

    I resemble that remark…!

  10. Beer Baron

    More like Doughy Maguire, AMIRITE?!?

  11. “I have a card explaining my condition.”

  12. cc

    Huffing ether is ‘in’ in Hollywood.

  13. “You fthink yer better than me? I’mma star. A bigbright shinin’ fucki *barfs* strar!”

  14. “Did you …did you just call me Shia?”

  15. Phoenix

    Here. You smell it.

  16. Too much emo dancing will do that to you.

  17. Odbarc

    Spider-man, Spider-man, Scientifically accurate Spider-man~

  18. evilstamos

    Spiderp-man, Spiderp-man, derps whatederp a spiderpaderp.

  19. Screaming Meat Nugget

    What a fucking horrible actor.

  20. Tiny little T-Rex hands.

  21. “So I got the booger out…do I just wipe it on my shirt?”

  22. Slow-motion nose pick – Go!

  23. ultra

    he just smelled his finger.

  24. Rob

    I know kung fu!

  25. RocketInMyPocket

    “I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

  26. Paully Boston Baby!

    “…’Sscuse me…d’you sssee my Sssuperman…. SssPiderman…I’m Sspiderman. Cossstooom. U ssee it?

    (drunkenly sings theme song)
    “Ssspiderman, Ssspiderman, duz what a Sspider can

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