1. BP

    Where’s MJ’s Glove?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    She’d rather spend the evening with Corey Haim.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    Of course that’s his girlfriend. Look at the way they affectionately, uh, avoid each others gaze and kinda-sorta hold hands. That’s love, people.

  4. This is like The Curious Case Benjamin Button… In a couple of years he’ll go black and sport a sweet afro.

  5. Poor Corey must be running out of money. He’s only got ONE hooker with him.

  6. Mike Walker

    That’s an interesting new form of hover-hand.

  7. EricLR

    That’s what happens when you’re too low to even get a porn job.

  8. She smiled, secretly knowing that her next cigarette was laced with cyanide, and this joyride through an old pre-teen fantasy-turned-nightmare would soon be over. She gripped it harder. A few more steps and she would fire up oblivion.

  9. even the most veteran of hookers eventually are overcome with shame which has become the case here.

  10. is something happening near her nipple?

  11. He is just like Michael Jackson minus the talent, money, adoration, genetics and sexual preference.

  12. crb

    Thank God the Canadian Tuxedo comes in maroon, otherwise I just don’t know what I’d wear.

  13. Vlad

    She’s loves her cigarette more

  14. Broduhjenner

    “I’m talking with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. No message could have been any clearer. If you don’t wanna look like an asshat before it’s too late, look at yourself and make a change”

  15. AnnaD.

    I’m starting to feel sorry for this guy.

  16. ruckus

    He was mainlining H when Lohan was still a sperm, and he is STILL HERE. js :)

  17. The poor girl is envying the other hooker who OD’d in Corey’s bathroom 20 minutes earlier.

  18. Pat C.

    Wasn’t she with him in the pictures from a week or two ago?

  19. whatever

    In his mind he is charlie sheen..

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