1. They’re rebooting “Nightmare on Elm Street” again?

  2. Icehawg

    Live Action Grover is creepy as fuck.

  3. “Whores? Oh yeah! There’s whores in this one, too! Let me tell you about whores! WHORES WHORES WHORES!”

  4. Fuck, I’m gonna see this shit in my nightmares tonight.

  5. Since celebrities always die in three’s, I think we have a top contender for our latest trilogy.

  6. I can’t believe I’ve read so many of his comics, AND refused to give him “spare change” on the street!

  7. Art Crow

    “Remember me, Eddie? When I killed your brother, I talked… just… like… THIS!”

  8. …so, Dobby did’nt actually die, huh?

  9. “I take off this hat, Put on a flannel shirt and horn rimmed glasses and Boom… I’m Terry Richardson!”

  10. He locked eyes with a 14 year old girl in the audience. Without a sound he slowly shoved the microphone into his mouth and through the back of his skull, killing him. He never broke eye contact.

  11. The Skipper

    Looks a lot like Bob Denver on crystal meth.

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