1. Don’t judge. The man has 8 kids to feed.

  2. Duke

    Her make-up artist Lauren Anderson, who is pictured there in the shot, is a far far more beautiful woman. Look her up!

  3. Swearin

    At the risk of appearing racist, I could swear there’s a Looper situation going on with Jessica Alba and Ariana Grande

  4. Don’t understand why she’s still treated like a movie star? No one wants to watch her in anything. The last thing I saw her in was as the 5th lead in a god-awful Fockers movie. I think her career has been called.

    Gates closed until the next race. All bets are final.

  5. Meshuggah Tits

    The makeup artist is doing to her what the Fonz does when he looks in the mirror.

  6. “Goddamnit, Jon, you are so good with clay. She looks damn near alive.”

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