1. Dirk Diggler

    Damn baby you so fine you should have a dick

  2. PassingTrue

    Love or money. You decide.

  3. He’s been up her ass like this so many times, she doesn’t even notice it anymore.


  5. Pilin

    Bang Bros presents:______________

  6. cajunhawk

    Can I stick a banana in your tail pipe?

  7. Swearin

    And then later that night, they had an orgy with 7 people, all played by Eddie Murphy in costumes and makeup

  8. You know, I’m completely shocked that chick is still walking around, not been impregnated by Murphy.

    She must have an anal-only policy.. which he wouldn’t probably mind.

  9. Hmm

    Is this the same photo being recycled over and over again or do they always go to the same place and he act super clingy like that?

    “I got me a white woman and I ain’t never gonna let go of her”

  10. Cap'n Obvious

    God bless you Eddie. Keep at it!

  11. cc

    How dare you folks besmirch this young woman…I am SURE she married him for looks and personality.

  12. Art Crow

    Oooh, FEET!

  13. My guess is she ordered the same thing she always orders. A soy latte, a scone, and an old black 80′s comedian to press his dick into her butt cheeks while she waits for her order.

  14. “That better be a roll of $100′s you’re pressing into my back pocket. We were dating before I had to watch Meet Dave. Now this is a business arrangement.”

  15. Is he ever not dry-humping her? Not that I disagree, just curious.

  16. “Just turn a skosh clockwise and you’ll be lined up perfectly to where I can just slam it right in!”

  17. Mike Walker

    Checkin’ out dem feets…

    And what up with that tiny head?

  18. whatever

    it’s the same picture from a year ago, the look in her face/eyes is that of a hooker pretending she’s not present, like she is questioning if the money is really worth it, or she is on heroin… she is doped, and he pays, that’s the only reason she is with him, the money, obviously

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