1. Suck It Trebek

    Back to the Hamptons I see. Must need some final scene shots for the show that will make it look like she spent the summer there.

  2. Cock Dr


  3. cajunhawk

    Look like two big christmas hams.

  4. Short Round

    I read the Kardashian Whorus Attentius stores food in its butt for the Winter. By the looks of it Winter must be close.

  5. Where’s hubby and kid?

    • Short Round

      My guess… Hubby in Paris with bunch of hookers. Kid in LA without any adult supervision. Because you don’t get a participation award in the Kardashian household if you don’t learn to fend for yourself by age 1. Sparta could learn from them.

  6. Cap'n Obvious

    Whore. Useless whore.

  7. Robb7

    C’mon, just a week’s moratorium on pics of this cunt!

  8. LupusYonderboy

    You know that noise that happens when you sit on a leather couch? I keep hearing that right now.

  9. MoreMariaNow!!

    It looks like a water ripple in a large fast ass lake!!

  10. That ass is definetly getting bigger every week….

  11. Jade

    I can hear the screaming protest of the fabric from here.

  12. …you know, it does’nt count as clicks if you put it in TCWM, so don’t keep thinking we actually WANT to see this shit…

  13. cc

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to start referring to her using the plural form rather than the singular. Then again, we do say ‘the ocean’ and ‘the continent’ so I could be wrong.

  14. Why would anyone take a picture of that? Other than so we can ridicule it.

  15. spartacus


  16. Has anyone ever died from an exploding butt?

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