1. “I hate this kind of shit….”
    “Oh go kill yourself fo-….WAIT!”

  2. After the emotional stability of her partner proved to be fleeting she decided to go the more practical way of simply paying for her companion.

  3. guy from NY

    she’s got a big nose

  4. Cap'n Obvious

    Whore. Shallow vapid whore.

  5. …what’s the over/under on this guy?

    • dontkillthemessenger

      At least 90 more days until they find him dead in a hotel room with a note that says, “She just wouldn’t shut the fuck up!”

  6. “Hey everybody! I brought one more douche to keep this party fresh!”

  7. She’s already picking out the ‘OD day’ bikini shot she will post to Instagram on the day he’s found dead.


    looks like nick nolte took a shit in the parking lot again.

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