1. it had to be said

    I bet he does Alpha Male shit.

  2. What is with this fucking mutated Frankie Muniz lookin’ thing?

  3. Pilin

    Booger Boy

  4. cajunhawk

    Who let Tin-Tin out?

  5. This guy will eventually be found floating face down in Bryan Singer’s pool.

  6. B&WM

    “They can keep their bright lights of London. What I wouldn’t give to be sipping a Diet Coke and watching The Polar Express back home in the Uncanny Valley.”

  7. the belt buckle is missing the ‘I V +’

  8. “What if” I kicked you right in your vagina.

  9. I hope this kid is doing well enough so that his parents can retire from the chocolate factory.

  10. Who designed his look, LittleBigPlanet?

  11. Hmm

    What in the fuck type of creature is this?

  12. If Tilda Swinton and an android had a baby …

  13. Cap'n Obvious

    What the fuck is that thing? Kill it!

  14. LupusYonderboy

    He was in A.I. right?

  15. **Harry Derbidge**

  16. jbone

    “Looks Like Something A Gay Guy Designed In A Laboratory”

  17. You can tell from the crowd’s reaction that he has many imaginary fans.

  18. I cast thee back to the eighties! Thou shall not… whatever this is!!!

  19. “Here’s one for you, Harry: ‘What If’ you were to wear clothing that wasn’t from the Salvation Army Thrift Store?’ Huh? Watcha think? Funny? Hahahaha…goddamn, I am such a fucking crack up…”

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