1. PassingTrue

    I think the cargo net is winning.

  2. Keno

    She lay like this for an hour waiting for the paparazzi to arrive.

  3. Come on. Let it fall. One of these days, you’re going to slip up with this vag teasing game you like to play, JLN. and I’ll be there to see it. And fap.

    • …you know, no matter what all the haters here say, i’ve always thought she’s pretty hot too (have you seen her exercise infommercial?) …but, c’mon …at this point, it’s getting just a little pathetic.

  4. Hammocks. How do they work?

  5. Is her dick caught in the hammock?

  6. Short Round

    Have to be careful in hammocks. One big fart and you’re rocking like a boat and your bikini bottom rips off.

  7. Hmm

    And of course her fucking bikini bottom is undone. This chick? is a one trick pony.

  8. Never, under any circumstances, buy clothing from the Jennifer Nicole Lee clothing line. All her apparel is obviously poorly constructed, and falls apart on 1st wearing.

  9. j/k

    can you tuck the head back in for me?

  10. Fucking bikinis…still don’t know how they work apparently.

  11. This chick reminds me of the Ben Stiller character in Dodgeball. One wrong move and she’ll lock herself in her room for a month with a stack of Pizza’s and a pallet of Coca Cola.

  12. This woman has no clue how to tie a bow.

  13. She is a great looking woman, but I’m fairly sure we all knew that without her parading it all around town. She needs to show us everything at once, and until she does, quit prancing around showing us bits and pieces.

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