1. The Little House on the Prairie reboot looks fucked up.

  2. Bree is fucking awesome.

  3. Cock Dr

    Bree is such a pro at working with assholes.

  4. And yet Robin Williams is the one who killed himself. It ain’t fair.

  5. Who would have ever thought that someone would trade up to Andy Dick?

  6. Short Round

    Must have heard porn stars are dead inside. But she didn’t have to test it by standing next to Andy Dick.

  7. Bree… still hanging up with junkies because of their money…

  8. dreamcrusher

    Bree is slumming. Very good looking for a porn star. Natural boobs. Can cook. She can do better then that little homo nerd she is hanging with. Clearly she has gigantic self esteem issues.

  9. “I’ll take ‘celebrities that can fit a bowling ball in their asshole’ for $200 please, Alex.”

  10. A bore and a whore.

  11. cc

    Remember the time Bonaducci dropped him on his face?

  12. LupusYonderboy

    Photographer: “Bree, let me get a picture of you and Andy Dick”
    Bree: “Dick! Where! Take my picture”

  13. ugh…just knowing how much drug addled semen Charlie Sheen blasted up in there makes this picture hard to look at. Bree should stay away from that cum dumpster.

  14. Rev. Buhagden

    Which of these two do you think has sucked more cocks?

  15. Phoenix

    Two shameless whores

  16. Hmm

    She is way to gorgeous to be a pornstar, WTF? Gorgeous, great body, looks sweet and nice, clean and not tattooed up, she should easily have been able to get some multi-millionaire, even billionaire to marry her.

    • You are vastly overstating her appeal. She looks a little less like a human meth pipe than most porn stars. End of compliment.

    • Russ

      Alas, she is Fort Wayne, IN, where the millionaires are all old and religious and a billionaire is a mythological creature. She did the best she could with what she had.

  17. “Wow! I’ve never sucked one named ‘Andy’ before.”

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