1. Deacon Jones

    [after having bad shoulder badly separated]

    “Pop it, Pop it Tommy, POP IT!”

    • Lynx

      If you give everything you’ve got, EVERYTHING, you’ll be winners. That I promise you. You can be the best of the best.

  2. Chris

    Those teens are really down with the zoot suit look.

  3. TomFrank

    No teen chose this.

  4. Salad Face

    The man has a gift when it comes to martial arts of the feet.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    When they’re evenly spaced like that it means tomorrow’s going to be sunny.

  6. The Pope

    “I made it on to The Superficial? Do I get paid for that?”

  7. edamame

    Poor Emma… daddy’s always going to be her Plus 1.

  8. Knee Grow

    Now here’s an admitted serious drug addict for YEARS and yet he looks better than Butler. Maybe his sis gave him some makeup pointers.

  9. Used to be I couldn’t stand this guy, but then I saw him on Celebrity Rehab and came to the conclusion that he’s actually a pretty good dude.

  10. rough-unfiltered


  11. DimeStoreRiot

    Saying that Eric Roberts was at an “unofficial” afterparty is redundant.

  12. Is that a jacket, or pajamas?

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