1. cc

    I heard that in France it’s considered bad manners not to lift a skirt up for a better view under circumstances like this. So long as you say ‘Ah, c’est magnifique, mademoiselle.’

  2. Deacon Jones

    How the photog didnt sucumb to violently thrusting the “shocker” up that skirt is beyond me

  3. Richard McBeef

    So close to nice upskirt there. Those boots would have pushed the hotness over the top.

  4. oneone


  5. As a child I never worried about accidentally talking into my mom’s cooter. This poor child won’t be able to say that.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    A Poem.

    Your legs are Long and Lovely and Orange,

    Do they …


    Do they open as wide as that door-hinge!

    Thank you.

  7. TomFrank

    Geri Halliwell’s can in France.


  8. This was almost an awesome upskirt shot…unfortunately some ex-spice girl got in the way.

  9. dontlooknow

    The kid is covered head to toe in clothing but Geri’s right butt cheek is waving hello….go figure.

  10. PoorMaryKelly

    The back’s so much better than the front. She really should think about walking around backwards.

  11. Everyone said Beckham was the hottest but I didn’t care, this chick was so much hotter, even back then.

  12. I think they accidentally put on each other’s underwear.

  13. What? No one’s going with the obvious, “I see England, I see France” joke? I suppose if Gerri had been facing the camera, you could sing “I see London, I see Cannes…”

  14. KC

    Why couldn’t this picture have been taken by Verne Troyer?

  15. That is an ugly ficking dress. I wish she were wearing less of it.

  16. Ze Scoundrel

    I see London, I see France, but….

  17. rough-unfiltered

    she looks 25 from this angle.

  18. Freebie

    Best picture I’ve seen of her in a long time.

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