1. Axa

    I’ll pass on the extensions though…

  2. Eric

    How the hell is this supposed to sell a bra? She couldn’t show less cleavage if she tried…

  3. David

    She is wearing the bra idiot, the bra is suppose to show no lines when your wearing a dress on top. Obviously we want to see her in the bra only or no bra at all.

  4. barbosa

    god she’s hot.. i could look at her all day

  5. bassackward

    Talking to photographer…..
    “I can bring my heels all the way back to about here…”

  6. kris

    wtf is going on with her right ear? or am I seeing something else??

  7. GuyLeDouche

    I thought a necessary prerequisite to modelling a bra was possessing a pair of actual breasts.

  8. As much as I hate to comment on the obvious, she really is an incredibly beautiful woman.

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