1. Deacon Jones

    Hey, is that Rick Perry?

  2. Dude, in Russia that means you are Putin’s girlfriend . . .

  3. Cock Dr

    I want that chair for my office….minus the douche who’s sitting in it.

  4. Lemmiwinks

    Wait,..? That’s not Shia LaBeouf as Richie Rich?

  5. Dom breaks out his Grade 8 graduation jacket.

  6. “Yes, you fucking oaf, I am indeed the king. Now stop laughing and find someone to blow me.”

  7. rough-unfiltered

    What if DJ Adam Goldstein is trying to make us remember him through Dominic Cooper from beyond?

  8. Ras Malfoof

    I want to say “fat guy in little coat,” but it just doesn’t seem appropriate for some reason.

  9. Nice chair…but your tiny little giraffe ran away.

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