1. Mangina?! More like Vagina.

  2. TomFrank

    As you can see from the van behind him, Rob is now working at a FedEx Office store, where his job is—yes—makin’ copies.

  3. Matt

    And he’s about to find out…………..

  4. Richard McBeef

    he’s not deuce bigolo any more, but…

  5. Tracey

    214 toothpicks, 215 toothpicks, 216 toothpicks………..

  6. I never thought I’d be happy to see Rob Schneider, but that was before you inflicted Wet Guttenberg and the Pedomatographer in a row upon me.

  7. Someone tell him to put the stool specimen in a bag. And lay off the carrots.

  8. It seems as if his eyebrows have left the scene of the crime.

  9. stoneblade

    i want one of those yellow containers so i can put my weed in there

  10. vlad

    Rob’s looking for a place to empty his colostomy bag

  11. farting old man's wife

    Wow, being married has sucked the life and the eyebrows out of this poor guy!!

  12. ADAM!!!! Hey, anybody seen Adam? I can’t find him anywhere! ADAM!!!!! (sniff)

  13. Gerttastic

    Yellow Kryptonite will do that to a man.

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