1. ds78

    Please go away already.

  2. I see her clone is coming along nicely.

  3. So nobody else is witnessing the zombie apocalypse here?? Where’s Carl???

  4. Henry

    Yay! She finally made it to St. Tropez.

  5. DeucePickle

    You’d think Riki Rachtman back there would be all over her.

  6. jim

    Pam Anderson inception?


  8. Cock Dr

    My guess would be cocaine.

  9. lily

    dear god, you would think someone with hepatitis would take care of themselves a but better. she looks coked out

  10. mamamiasweetpeaches

    KLASSY as ever

    get home to your children, u rapidly-aging whore!

  11. joan of snark

    Pamela Anderson travels back in time to stop herself from going out into public without pants on. She was able to prevent Tuesday’s episode, but on Wednesday… she was a moment too late!

  12. Ollie

    My eyes just got herpes.

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    Some people grow up, others just get older.

    Guess which category she falls under?

  14. All right, Mr. DeMille — I’m ready for my closeup!

  15. Didn’t she spew some shit a while back about not wanting to embarrass her kids? Nice to see that’s working out for everyone.

  16. A blonde to blonde crab transplant.

  17. Joey

    Keep it on! Keep it on! Put more on!!

  18. Hepatitis C is not sexy. The one sitting down looks like Pamela Anderson also………whores are easily cloned.

  19. Low Ball

    Pam, that’s feeling young at 45 not acting young.

  20. Kitty

    why does she always just wear a damn man shirt…

  21. I think I like her better when she’s not displaying those mangled tits!

  22. jc

    That awkward moment when you realize that Pam Anderson just infected you with hepatitis without even touching you.

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