1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Is it too much to hope there’s a Sunni LaBeouf out there?

  2. Bonky

    I hear he is still searching for his lost bike, traveling the country with his backpack and the remains of his Transformers money, searching, searching, searching…..

  3. Any readers in NYC that can pop on down to where he is and punch him in the cock for me?

  4. EricLr

    Come to Laos, where you can stay in the comfort of our lovely international airport, but still get to tell your hipster friends you’ve been here. Act now and we’ll even throw in this hat to let everyone know that you’re down with the poor and oppressed.

    • BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

      I was in the airport in Vientiane about ten years ago. They had a sign that said ‘Please show all guns before boarding the plane’. The pilot came on board with a live chicken.

  5. If Google had a face, this would be it.

  6. Back from a daring trip to the deep trenches of urban outfitters…

  7. Emma Watson's Vagina

    wow i didn’t know they were filming The Walking Dead in NYC.

  8. Henry

    He looks ignorant.

  9. vgrly

    Is it now customary to advertize the country of the girl you are banging on your head?

  10. Hank E. Ring

    Whoa! some pap is about to get a he-man beat down.

  11. Frank Burns

    That’s one more great thing about Asian sex tourism – the free hats.

  12. The Brown Streak

    Even Stevens: Laotian #1 TV show!

  13. judgingyou

    I don’t know why but I like him. You can judge me…

  14. bigalkie

    Which way to the circle jerk?

  15. renzomatic

    I think the string to his tampon is hanging out…

  16. Where are the bottom of his pants?

  17. cc

    Fresh from his quest for Colonel Kurtz the 2nd.

  18. ri

    don’t worry he’ll be begging them to take his picture soon.

  19. Benjamin Bratt the pre-Julia Roberts years?

  20. Low Ball

    LAOS: Los Angeles Ornithological Society? I knew he was a douche but c’mon!

  21. w/e

    And in Filipino language, LAOS means no longer trendy or past ones prime.

  22. CK

    His hat needs an -ER at the end.

  23. squishy

    Someone had a wet dream!!

  24. Cody42

    Tell me this was a child paparazzo who took this. Who the fuck takes photos at groin height?

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