1. is it just me or does she look like a balloon animal?

  2. is it just me or was she endlessly more fascinating in that blowjob tape she made?

  3. Henry

    No. Don’t make this a thing.

  4. DeucePickle

    Back in my day, models had names you could pronounce.
    And we liked it, we loved it.

  5. Her sister’s names are Wunlisa and Threelisa

  6. The Pope

    If you stare right at the bikini, the rest of her magically gets wider.

  7. lily

    her bikini is too tight, and very unflattering. sorry dear, you arent a size small.

  8. mamamiasweetpeaches

    call me a jaded old fat housewife, but somehow looking at this girls picture I refuse to believe when she opens her mouth to sing the voice of an angel comes out

    another cute girl in a bathing suit being auto-tuned into oblivion, amirite?

  9. I feel like every time bikini gets involved in a music video, the Grammy dream fades away…

  10. Bouncy Castle

    She appears to have two extra boobs growing out of her armpits.

  11. Silverdragon

    Her bikini looks like it’s made out of granny-curtains.

  12. That bikini is way too small for her.

  13. What’s up with that weird little fringe around her bikini bottoms. It makes her look like “Rebecca from Sunnybrook Brothel.”

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