1. Krakraken

    And here I thought I was looking at a trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead.
    Now I know it’s not possible :the zombies in the show have teeth.

  2. Good lord! Did the tattoo contain her will to live too?

  3. Buwahahaha

    You know, she could just wear a long sleeve shirt instead. It would be less hassle for her and much more humane for us.

  4. Bessy Smith

    Oh, come on, it’s just a tattoo. One that was always ugly, and should have been removed or covered up a thousand years ago when she was young.

  5. Umm, getting rid of that tat aint gonna help.

  6. Also, I will now live one month less long for having seen this.

  7. They bandaged the wrong body part – I can still see her face.

  8. …chunks are just falling off this chick now…

  9. Thank you, Nipple Fairies, but next time save the pokies for someone about 1/3 Melanie’s age.

  10. Still better arms than Madonna’s ropy sinews.

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