1. I guess being worth nearly a billion dollars doesn’t bring happiness.

  2. Playing a game of chicken with Alec Baldwin is serious business.

  3. Sharing a city with Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham would make anybody cranky.

  4. Zohan

    Riding a bike and worth a billion dollars? Well done.

  5. Lance just isn’t the same since the scandal broke.

  6. Odbarc

    I’ve got an idea for a show!! It’s about SOMETHING. Nah, it’ll never fly.

  7. “And those bike helmets… what’s with those? You look like a swimming sperm cell!”

  8. Having had the joy of bike riding on the streets of NYC, I can state that the look on Jerry’s face is the look you give some asshole (with a camera) who stepped into the street in front of your bike and now you have to swerve into traffic in order not to clip the guy.

  9. Swearin

    Aw, he’s mad because Mrs. Costanza won’t let George come out and play after school.

  10. And here I thought he just hung that thing on his wall like it was some sort of modern art.

  11. As Jerry rode his bike he contemplated “Xenu will watch the Seinfeld show and give me powers beyond belief…or do I slip him money to level up?” then Jerry kept riding and was grumpy from the thoughts.

  12. antidentite

    It’s a titanium bike.

    And his helmet is crooked.

  13. …from his less well known web series; “Comedians on bikes delivering weed”

  14. tlmck

    I always thought his bike was green.

  15. ‘ “Go ahead and try it,’ they said. ‘You’ll love being a bicycle messenger,’ they said. ‘All that nice exercise,’ they urged…I’d rather be sitting on my ass drinking an ice cold beer. This bicycling crap is just a bunch of shit…”

  16. “Hello new Schwinn”

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