1. Cock Dr

    Such a glamorous life. Everyone wants it. But the whole goddamned thing is just a bunch of hair dye & funhouse mirrors.

  2. Genghis Khanstein

    Are they slumming at the peep show, or reduced to working there now?

  3. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Peepshows were much classier when I was young.

  4. “Look, I know you’re scared, but the amount of heroine we are going to do will either kill you or make you thin. Look at yourself, isn’t it a win win?”

  5. Kate put on 5 pounds after she quit cocaine, so now she hangs around with Kelly Osbourne to feel thin.

  6. Buwahahaha

    Kelly is never content letting Ozzy be the ugliest one in the family…relatively speaking.

  7. no cocaine involved here, nope…

  8. “Coke and cigarettes, that’s the only way to stay thin”

  9. I wonder…if one was to put both of these women into a giant blender, turn it on, then pour out the mixture and let it sit over night, would the result be two fairly decent looking chicks…???

    • Rasputin's Evil Twin


      The experiment you’re referring to was a massive failure – don’t go there. Turst me on this.

  10. “How much money did you make?”
    “Tons! The men paid me to go away!”

  11. A model and a boar.

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