1. By Odin’s beard those are glorious!

    I’ll let myself out now.

  2. mmmm……mommy boobs

  3. I’d rub my face in there until the static charge gave me super powers.

  4. If they’re good enough for the God of Thunder, they’re good enough for me.

  5. Cock Dr

    I hope I’m wearing a top like that the next time I’m pulled over for speeding. If the officer is a straight guy or a lesbian I hope I’d be let go with a stern warning,

  6. anonymous

    Holy hell she is fine!

  7. Oh Mammy Mammary

  8. anonym

    yes, but they’re implants.

  9. great tits!

    • You gotta love the straightforward approach. It’s the Superficial comments’ equivalent of that old lay who posted a non-ironic review on the Olive Garden.

  10. I believe her breasts need to be investigated by an independent and unbiased party. And being as independent and unbiased as I am — especially towards beautiful tits — I hereby offer my services FREE OF CHARGE!

    • BTW, I also offer a range of other procedures at very affordable rates (like, FREE) including (but not limited to) painless mammograms performed in a method developed by myself, using my lips, tongue, and hands. — Dr. vitobonespur — always at your cervix.

  11. what is that hair

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