1. No, don’t bother to get dressed Just roll out of bed and hit the streets.

  2. I’d make a joke about the morning after “walk of shame”…except that would still mean she went out last night in her underwear. Which is so far from unlikely it’s less of a joke and more of commenting on the obvious.

  3. The walk of shame done right.

  4. JimBB

    It can’t be a walk of shame. No bruises.

  5. Spleen

    It’s not a walk of shame if you don’t have any.

  6. coljack

    “What? I walk around in a sheer gown with my nipple clearly showing and I don’t even get my own post? I don’t even know why I bother anymore.”

  7. The Brown Streak

    You know that embarassing feeling you get when you go to a lover’s house to cheat on your other lover but your other other lover is actually there and sees you cheating on your other lover’s lover? Yeah, it’s like that. #RhiannaLifeStyle

  8. I have a nightgown almost exactly like this. It cost me $3 at a dollar store. Don’t ask.

  9. Flatliner

    Is that a camel toe trying to do the Scream?

  10. I see Rihanna doing these crazy things and wearing these crazy things, and I always have the same thought:
    “THAT is a beautiful woman.”

  11. Fuck she’s a whore.
    Fuck. Mmmmmm delicious whore.

  12. …my Nana used to do this too, right before we put her in the home.

  13. I’d sure like to get her out of that nightie.

  14. buzz

    She looks like she smells of dried semen.

  15. She looks a bit syndrome-y in the face… And the fact that she is wearing underwear in public is not helping her prove to have normal intelligence

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