1. Can Brazil lynch him just in case his presence didn’t help?

  2. I hold him responsible for Brazil’s legendary ass kicking yesterday. Brazil was destroyed just like Mila Kunis’ hotness.

  3. Short Round

    So listen, my girlfriend’s pregnant. You think they’ll lynch me if I support the Germans?

  4. JimBB

    Hey, look behind us and tell me I’m not havin’ a real fucking awful acid flashback.

  5. Hoping that no one notices that Kutcher sounds German.

  6. Michael

    High Pitch Erik is blocking my shot!

  7. Swearin

    Hmm, what else in Ashton’s own professional life should have ended after 5?

  8. Flatliner

    And here all of Brazil thought it was Mick Jagger’s fault. You’ve just been Kutchered, Brazil.

  9. Aww, even Bob Saget doesn’t want to have to talk to Ashton.


  11. Spartacus

    I love it when celebs hitch their wagon to the wrong horse. Especially when they have no idea whats going on and they’ve done it to cash in on what they think will be cool. Tough titty Ashton you bell-end.

  12. (Please ask me to console you! Please ask me to console you! Please ask me to console you!)

  13. Meanwhile, Lou Ferrigno drank a glass of pee.

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