1. “Did you find your grandmother’s dentures from 1865? No? Then keep looking”

  2. “The Sub-Aqua Club”…which on this side of the pond we call “The Pool”

  3. Short Round

    You think we could get grandma to do this? I know a guy who’ll fix her regulator for 5 grand. Let’s see Game of Thrones top this.

  4. “Yes, yes, but not a dangerous as a Paris tunnel.”

  5. “Would you mind it if Camilla borrowed your scuba mask? It would only improve your step mother’s looks.”

  6. JimBB

    “When she boards the ship tonight, just call me and give me the signal.”

  7. So the British royal family makes a lot of money, gets a lot of attention but doesn’t really do anything important. Does that mean the Kardashians are our royal family?

  8. “You get your bloody ass back down there and practice it again. She isn’t going to drown herself you knobhead in the Unfortunate Accident.”

  9. “See, we tried that with your mother but she managed to swim back up, so we settled on a car crash instead. Fucking nailed it!”

  10. “You just tried to look up the Duchess’ skirt, didn’t you?”
    “Hahaha … got me, Dad!”

  11. “Hahaha, you really think you’ll be king one day?”
    “Hahaha, do you?”

  12. Is it cold in the pool son or are you just happy to see the Duchess?

  13. Phoenix

    “Say. You look just like my son.”

  14. “Come on…last time, I swear…pull my finger again!”

  15. “Good work son, that counts as your yearly bath.”

  16. ” So you stole all these breathing devices from the commoners? Good show m’boy!”

  17. “Did you find your dead mother down there?”

    “Fatha! How many times…!?”

    “I’m sorry, I hated that bitch, I DO SAY!”

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