1. karen

    “Yeah, I know, but how does putting that weight-loss thing around your potbelly help with those cankles and thunder thighs?”

  2. “You better treat me right! I know a lot of dairy farmers who wouldn’t mind taping my cottage cheese behind.”

  3. Short Round

    Is that Miley Cyrus in 15 years?

  4. JimBB

    “…So then I’m all up in that bitch’s face, tellin’ her, ‘Hell No! You ain’t getting none of MY smack, bitch!’ and grabbing that fucking razor blade. And then…you even listenin’ to me, motherfucker?”

    “Yes, please go on!”

  5. “Now when we roll up on this drug house, you keep your guard up, those Barksdale mothafuckas are really lookin’ to ice me. I’ll never forgive them for what they did to Brandon—he was beautiful, man.”

  6. Anonymous, 2112

    “Bitch, I don’t care what they say. We be crashing the all
    white party!”

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