1. [whispers] “so you’re going to have your brother call me, right? promise?”

  2. Stewie Griffin

    Seeing how it’s a girl we at least know where his other hand isn’t.

  3. BSting

    Danny DeVito’s hair grew back? Good for him.

  4. MrsWrong

    “DAMN! that Gucci mannequin is sexy. *whispers* Pssst, you’re the store manager, how much does one of those strong muscled ones cost?”

  5. MrsWrong

    Joe Jonas posing…’nuff said

  6. hbw

    They’re both looking at the same guy’s ass.

  7. The Critical Crassness

    The chick behind him is checking the picture of his ass she just took for her brother.

  8. SSHGuru

    He could use some tips from her on lipstick color.

  9. cc

    I know it’s a girl Joe, but you could at least try and look happy.

  10. “Psst…do you know what a beard is?”

  11. vitobonespur

    Utilizing the handy remote control, Zelda Lipshitz, rear, demonstrates how life-like her Joe Jonas robot can act with someone knowledgable at the controls…

  12. Nice how they both look so happy. You’d think they were being forced to pose at gunpoint.

  13. I wish I had a job as a professional photo model for the Superficial.

  14. Joe Jonas once again proves that he is extremely uncomfortable being that close to boobs.

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