1. Somebody forgot to double check the weight capacity of that ride. Hope the kids are okay.

  2. Again, the eyes say “help me.”

  3. Stewie Griffin

    Proving that pigs don’t care for water!

  4. MrsWrong

    Mah weave bed’ not get wet. I juss got my hurr did

  5. Cock Dr

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  6. The Critical Crassness

    Lamar’s reaction at realizing Khloe didn’t fall out of the ride…….”HUH?..How the fuck is she still here, just fixin’ her hair?”

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I know I shouldn’t say this, but it looks like a box of chocolates someone’s taken the wrappers off looking for the toffee.

  8. They forgot to take off their ponchos after sex.

  9. cc

    Her brain is still ricocheting around inside her head.

  10. Outside of the water, a whale cannot maintain its body temperature and its skin dries out, leading to death. Staying clear of the whale’s blowhole (the opening through which it breathes), pour buckets of water on the beached whale to help its skin stay cool and wet.

  11. just here for laughs

    Lamar just realized that she made it out of the garbage bag, alive.

  12. Donkeylicks

    “Somebody get me a fucking Midol before I rip these kid’s arms out of their sockets!!!”

  13. Arzach

    “Flying through hyperspace ain’t like dusin’ crops, kid”

  14. Sin

    Oh great, now we have to smell wet Wookie.

  15. whiskeyafternoon

    there ‘aint condom enough for that Kardashian whale vagina!

  16. cutthecrap

    looking pretty ghetto to me!

  17. vitobonespur

    “I don’t care if she did refer to you kids as “boogers.” You still can’t call your step-mammy a honky-cracker bitch!”

  18. Turd Ferguson

    Weird – the wookie looks like a total bitch.

  19. Hopefully, her new fashion line of clear plastic ponchos is a hit.

  20. Jovy

    “Is my wookie wig loose?”

  21. Loulou

    I didn’t know he had “former kids”. Must mean that this infection she got, with the secretions and all, must really be the reason why they can’t conceive together… Eeeewwww….

  22. Squishy

    Poor kids.

  23. brennan haley

    How many of those kids AND their families could’ve been fed with Kloe’s breakfast? Answer: all of them and their relatives in the village next door.

  24. Anna

    you’ve for forgotten the “t” in “at”

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