1. still hit it

    andy dick got implants?

  2. AlexK

    It’s like staring at the sun. I know its a bad idea and I should look away, but for some strange reason I can’t.

  3. wow…it’s like paparazzi spying on your mom changing.

  4. ad nasuem

    I am just glad this is not a picture of her in a grocery store trying out the effects of different Activia flavors.

  5. It’s like Trading Places all over again, only this time it was Jamie Lee Curtis and my grandma.

  6. The Pope of Cleveland

    This would have made my day…if that day were in 1982.

  7. btreese

    WOW….was Perfect really that long ago. I remember her grinding that smoking body in the aerobics class….sigh.

  8. Cock Dr

    *throws penalty flag*

    • MrsWrong

      LOL*into microphone* Double penalty. Equipment violations and flagrant personal foul, offense, unnecessary roughness. Player to be ejected from game and cast into oblivion

      • vitobonespur

        Leading the league in all offensive catagories including upper lip hair and flatulence.

      • Cock Dr

        Actually the flag was for the pap.
        Taking snaps of aging irrelevent people in a changing room ain’t cool.
        And to JLC – your tits look like they have held up well. Bravo.

  9. Me

    Seriously now?

  10. The Critical Crassness

    Her tits haven’t aged a day since 1985 but the rest of her made up for that fact!

  11. Ismoss

    30 years ago that would have given me boner, today it just makes it sad.

  12. bastionbooger

    Now Michael Myers will have to kill her. Those are the rules.

  13. Abby Normal

    30 years ago? Dad, is that you?

  14. just here for laughs

    How she got her Transitions lenses to work indoors is the real issue here.

  15. Colin

    At least it’s not a shot of her penis.

  16. tlmck

    Grandma must be off her meds again. She forgot to get dressed before she went out.

  17. Camila

    You can see her huge black nipple through her bra.

  18. Sin

    Ok, this is the Official Uniform for women shopping now.

  19. Mr Obvious

    that rack is still banging. The rest of her expired a long time ago. I would say well before “True Lies.”

  20. maybe that poop yogurt also makes her forget her blouse.

  21. Freebie

    You people are just plain ignorant. Unless we die, we all get old. 30 years from now in 2041, just how hot and firm do you think you’ll look? I think she looks great. Yeah, she was hot 30 years ago – probably before most of the people posting on this page were even born. You don’t stay young forever. It catches up with everyone. And she wasn’t posing for this picture – its was obviously taken secretly. Leave her alone. Jamie Lee Curtis is great.

    • Loulou

      Even though I couldn’t agree more with you, Honey Badger, unfortunately, just don’t give a shit.

    • “And she wasn’t posing for this picture” So what, she was just trying on clothes in the middle of a store? It’s not like dressing rooms have windows! She’s famous with $, that’s why she is held to a higher standard. And P.S. in case you had any illusions as to the intent of this website. 1. The boys make dick/sex jokes, look at boobies, call attractive men gay, and anything else is gross and 2. Us girls do the same but attractive girls are fat and we all make capricious culture references for laughs. It’s the superficial…buy a dictionary

  22. Mel

    The thing they don’t warn you about with Activia is the explosive diarrhea and the clean-up afterward. “Ac-tiv-iaaaaaaa”

  23. Squishy

    Awwwwwww man, leave the Curtis ALONE!!!!

  24. brennan haley

    GILF’s rule.

  25. Haji

    Those tits still look fantastic, and the bra is cute. I’m game.

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