1. Glorious… Just… Glorious…

  2. It’s her subtle and understated inner beauty that she really wants people to know about.

  3. She’s so subtle she could be a kardashian.

  4. I came for the ass, I stayed for the bleeding heels.

  5. She’s never out of the British newspapers.

  6. I was pissed at the first two photos because it was yet another Euro-trash slag that I had no knowledge of, but now I see that you were slowly building context so we could bathe in this final picture’s glory. YOU, sir, are an artist.

  7. She’s got some fine taste in panties.

    (You might have to say that out loud to catch the double-entendre.)

  8. cc

    Well, at least this photog knows his shit.

  9. rican

    That Finkle is certainly not an Einhorn.

  10. dang girl no dingleberrries

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