1. ThisWillHurt

    “Always carry a pillow, just in case you pass-out without warning.”

  2. Prior to her flight, she had time to ask the pillow about the future of her career, where her dignity went and how to score some cheap vodka.

  3. Albino gorilla sighting!

  4. A-list celebrities bring their own pillow. C-list celebrities bring their own pillow, but no pillowcase.

  5. Hey look… two stuffed bags.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    So she’s tacitly giving the public permission to smother her to death if we see her?

    Cool. Someone get Kelly Osbourne a pillow too.

  7. Thank God (for her) her tits are great because between the “man hands” and that face, Oufa! What was Curtis thinking?

  8. It would be better if she held the pillow a foot higher and eight inches to her right.

  9. Carrying a pillow around in L.A. is just good business. You might run into an executive you have to fuck for your next job at any time in the La La Land dream-factory! Chelsea is an experienced pro.

  10. Diversion noted, but that’s not caused by pillow face.

  11. She looka like a man.

  12. “I don’t mind sleeping around, but I simply MUST have my own pillow!”

  13. dang girl wake up

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