1. Gravity is a bitch

  2. Great first she’s making movies with Cameron Diaz next thing you know she’s trying out a part as British looking woman in heavy makeup.

  3. Lefty and Righty had always known that fame would ruin their relationship.
    Now, they can hardly be seen together…

  4. ahnold


  5. She should really rethink wearing dresses that provide uneven support.

  6. anonymous

    It’s like two big tits fighting in a trashbag.

  7. Cock Dr

    We all want to go in there and adjust her…make things right.
    Get the level.

  8. That ship is sinking fast. She looks 10 years older than she really is.

  9. And I’m freeeee, free fallin’.

  10. catapostrophe

    Those things look exponentially better at least partially visible than completely covered up.

  11. If she isn’t careful, this is not going to end well…or attractively.

  12. Yeeesh! Didn’t take long for that downward slide to start. Literally and figuratively.

  13. As Dave Chappelle once said, “Katies got some big ol’ tittays!”

  14. gillian

    Seriously how did she not get cast in that Anna Nicole Smith biopic?

  15. The 13th Leeds Baby

    Any big beboobed gal knows that going braless isnt always a good look unless you’re in National Geographic.

  16. Poppy, is a little sloppy.

  17. cc

    For Christ sake, someone, make her sprint for a cab.

  18. Jenn

    That one shoulder boulder holder dress doesn’t work well for women who belong to the great big titty committee. Myth Busters should send her some of that duct tape they’ve got sitting round.

  19. Art Crow

    Paging Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Low!

  20. mac

    I thought Anna Nicole Smith was dead?

  21. …i guess perez hilton needed an outlet for all his cattiness after “cleaning up” his site …but, damn dude, why post under SO MANY aliases?

  22. Those big old tittays are going down fast. I hope she’s taking good care of them. Protecting her investment, so to speak.

  23. If this downward titty spiral carries on soon enough her mammary glands won’t be able to disguise the fact she’s Spongebob in drag.

  24. dang girl those titties be lopsided

  25. Martina

    Stay away from heat sources Kate, you’re gonna melt away

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