1. Still a better love story than Twilight.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “I couldn’t agree more, good man. The Muppets are, indeed, ‘weirdos’ as you so eloquently put it.”

  3. The eagle can spot something as small as sausages from up to a mile above the sky.

  4. Cock Dr

    The bird has far more gravitas than Charlie could ever aspire to.

  5. The guy leads a charmed life.

  6. “Why she’s got a nose just like my whore of an ex-wife”

    too soon?

  7. Mirror mirror, on the wall …

  8. yourmom

    Dang, being a prince seems like a lot of work…

  9. Josephus


  10. Prince Charles: “At first I thought mother had forsaken me, and that she was simply refusing to respond to my messages, but it turns out, you were killing our pigeons all along. Perhaps you didn’t know that I am a master falconer? Yes, indeed a tremendous error on your part, and now I will take great pleasure in filling my bed pillows with your feathers!”

    Aide: “Your highness, this is bird is stuffed.”

    Prince Charles: “Yes! With pigeons!”

    Aide: “With cotton, sire.”

  11. Why in the hell is he always having his picture taken with animals?

  12. FtG

    “That is one weird looking nose.”
    “But I’m going to be King and you’ll still be a bird.”

  13. Makes a change from the old crow he is usually seen with.

  14. EricLR

    Try to guess which would make a better King of England.

  15. The 13th Leeds Baby

    This was right before he plucked off his nose and swallowed it whole. Tonight’s palace menu has been revised and the beef roast has been replaced by faux fried chicken.

  16. These Prince Charles photos make me laugh every day.

  17. Jenn

    Birds freak me the hell out. I wouldn’t get that close.

  18. “Camilla, come here! You two old birds look like you will have much to squawk about.”

  19. “I hear you taste like chicken.”

  20. “Camila, you dyed your hair!”

  21. cc

    So, tell me, when you used to do a low pass by Kate’s house, did you really see her naked bum, old sport?

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