1. I didn’t know this was a tumblr for celebrities with no teeth.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    In every photo, there’s a guy telling us exactly what her fart smells like with his face.

  3. The 13th Leeds Baby

    Usually she is very pretty but she does look like she could benefit from a set of dentures in this photo.

  4. cc

    Stealth negro’s white hand gives him away.

  5. “I could really go for something to eat. Have you seen my teeth?”

  6. “Hey baby. Would you like a gummer?”

  7. Lou Braccant

    “I have no idea who you are”
    “I have no idea who I am either but I’m half naked so I guess you may as well interview me”

  8. Handling Cory Monteith’s death with the tact and subtlety for which it is so well known, Glee has a Very Special Episode where the cast deals with its grief by sinking into a nightmare world of drug-fueled gumjobs.

  9. dang girl next time buy a whole dress

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