1. ThisWillHurt

    Give it up! Nobody gives a shit about Gangnam Style anymore.

  2. the pic by itself is so hilarious I got nothin’. ThisWillHurt did a pretty good job though.

  3. Wolverine’s retarded twin brother would occassionally escape from the attic where they kept him hidden away from society.

  4. Guy

    No caption needed. I cant stop looking at it.

  5. Everybody do the dinosaur!

  6. If he keeps doing that “I’m a crazy homeless rapper” act much longer, I’m going to start believing it.

  7. And as he danced, the last remnant of those that loved Tom Waits’ music died a sad, horrible death inside.

  8. Kel

    Joaquin on the set of his new sequel “I’m Still Here: But Not All There.”

  9. He is a willlld and crrrazzy guy!

  10. The “poster child” for normal…

  11. If a John Belushi biopic is mooted, Joaquin is a perfect choice.

  12. EricLR

    Could someone please get this insufferable prick on heroin and drive him to The Viper Room? I’ll pay for the limo.

  13. He can practice his ‘jazz hands’ all he wants, but there’s no chance they’re recasting him in the Wolverine movie.

  14. Upon meeting him, Professor X couldn’t help but feel that the exploits of this so called, “Wolverine” may have been more than just slightly exaggerated.

  15. Much to his family’s shame, Wolverine’s kid brother Petey had only the mutant ability to dominate hopscotch.

  16. JK

    Looks like wolverine there scratched his lip a bit too deeply.

  17. The 13th Leeds Baby

    Hooray! It’s a win win. The circus gets a new wolf boy and Joaquin finally gets the clown family he deserves.

  18. Weapon X-tra Chromosome.

  19. Jenn

    So is Inherent north of Miami? And who is playing Tubbs in this one?

  20. cc

    Joaquin now is not the time for ‘Walk like an Egyptian’…don’t you watch the news?

  21. Don’t let the “on the set” caption fool you. He’s on his way TO wardrobe, hair, and makeup.

  22. “Smoke…goooood!”

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