1. stay cancer ridden, my friends

  2. Amazing how all the sexiness can be sucked out of an image with a trailer park trash expression and a cig…

  3. I kind of appreciate being able to see what she looks like, while knowing what she smells like.

  4. yourmom

    Keepin it classy…

  5. anonymous

    Bandage dresses, like the Mummy just won’t die.

  6. Josephus

    “::gunshot::” – Jennifer Love Hewitt

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    She can smoke in my bedroom anytime she wants.

  8. The Cornflake Assassan

    Picking a wedgie requires a carefully set mood.

  9. Turd Ferguson

    I have nothing wrong with a girl smoking a cig. A girl that’s willing to give herself cancer may be willing to risk giving herself a plethora of other diseases.

    Call me!

  10. Caroline

    Nice look.

  11. Vlad

    We found out Victoria’s secret…

  12. HackSaw

    Smoke em if ya got em.

  13. It was all good until I saw the cigarette in her mouth. Fucking boner killer.

  14. Uggh, she looks like trailer trash playing dress up.

  15. What a badass lady!

  16. fucface

    she smokes she pokes

  17. Kenny G

    A doctor friend of mine once told me that cancer smells vile. When they operate on a person with cancer or cut open a dead body (for whatever reasons). It smells so gross. Like nothing you’ve ever smelled before. Now every time I look at a girl who smoke. It grosses me out big time!

  18. “Yep… it’s hard out here for a model. Andre, where’s my PBR?”

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