1. Why do I feel like there should be a BangBros logo at the bottom of this?

  2. I seriously hope they ran a train on them. I will wait for Kris Jenner’s denial followed by the release of the sex tape.

  3. The cast for their sex tape has finally been selected.

  4. Girls I wouldn’t mind learning Brown beat up.

  5. Sigh…I assume one of them is pregnant now. and bruised.

  6. JimBB

    Wow, Chris Brown has really been training hard. He’s ready to beat down TWO women at once!

  7. I wonder if Chris Brown knows that technically anything he does with Kylie could be considered statutory rape.

  8. Girls love “bad boys” suffering from some form of palsy.

  9. Pat C.

    I’d watch this tape.

  10. Pilin

    BangBros presents: Fucking up with the Kardashians.

  11. Cock Dr

    I see the auditions have started for the next K klan sex tape.

  12. Robb7

    Nice to see the young ones continue their family tradition — of only fucking black men!!

  13. cc

    He loves women with striking faces.

  14. Michael

    Move over, WorldStarHipHop!

  15. Dick Thunder

    Someone could totally redeem himself right here. I’m looking at you Chris Brown.

  16. “I see some young women who are going to get a bruised eye for Christmas.”

  17. Dick Nose

    Goddamn does that family love the BBC

  18. The Kardashians look so comfortable in their natural environment.

  19. anonymous

    Strangely it was Chris Brown getting gangbanged. The Jenners were there because of their experience working with cameras.

  20. Swearin

    I call this pic “Exhibit A for the prosecution.”

  21. Mr. Fahrenheit

    “My face be so smoove.”

  22. gary_glitter

    135 pounds of pure pain…haha what a bitch

  23. What’s with the Jenners/Kardashians and black men?

  24. Kris Jenner’s eyeballs just spun like slot machine wheels until they came up double dollar signs

  25. Pam

    How did they get so many LOSERS in one picture?,

  26. Any other two such girls on earth would be rebelling. These two were probably dropped off by their “mother.”

  27. anonym

    the bitch on the right never smiles.

  28. CtF

    Which one’s Justin Beiber? They all look the same to me…

  29. Where’s Sharknado when you need it?!?

  30. At first I thought this was Miranda Kerr + a pal. And I was miffed. Then I realized it was the Jenner girls and I thought, Gee, what a surprise! I held out hope for those two and now I’m just disgusted with the whole lot of them..

  31. 1st though: “Must… not… Zimmerman…”
    2nd thought: “When did the homely one become hotter than the hot one?

    I’m still trying to decide over which of the above I’m going to shoot myself in the dick.

  32. mark

    Such a collection of assholes. Thanks for the pic, superficial!

  33. CtF

    Which one’s Justin Beiber? Black people all look the same to me…

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