1. Where will you be when Herpes strike?

  2. meeps!

    Mick Jagger did it better…

  3. Skippy86

    Why does she always look like shes farting in her pics?

  4. I think something was about to fall out.

  5. And Chris Brown enjoyed waking up to that face?

  6. Smapdi

    Pamprin must be sponsoring the concert.

  7. Sauerkraut can be a little rough on unaccustomed bowels.

  8. caley


  9. There must be some down-side to rubbing one out nightly on stage and getting paid millions of dollars that I’m not seeing.

  10. Mista Snazzy

    The face of oncoming Diarrhea or Constipation? Only time will tell. And by time, I mean within the next 15-25 seconds!!!

  11. EricLR

    Luke, why are you pulling up?!?!?

    There are too many trenches on my scanner!!!!

  12. It’s difficult to fart and not pee a little. Try pressing on your vajayjay.

  13. bEnDeR

    Guess Drake murdered more then one vagina…

  14. The only sound I imagine here is her snorting like a pig.

  15. sprub

    Heartburn, nausea, indigestion, upset stomach DIARRHEA , yay Pepto Bismol!

    In French? Quand l’estomac cabriole, Pepto Bismol!

  16. babychunks

    Just when I think she can’t get more useless, here she is shitting on stage.

  17. Man, Beyonce is going to be piiiiisssed about this photo.

  18. Joe Blow

    “Poor, Rihanna… he never quite mastered the art of of the secure penis tuck.”

  19. maruli

    Nausea heartburn indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!
    Heey pepto bismol!

  20. I Pulled it to Miley's Vadge

    Every picture of her looks like a porn still of a chick getting double penetrated by 9 inch cocks.

  21. “ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttttttttt”

  22. anonymous

    She isn’t farting. She just queefed and is hoping the mic didn’t pick it up. That’s why she’s cover up her vag. The rest of the concert it’s out there- center stage.

  23. Jim

    This picture needs no caption. Amazing.

  24. I should’ve guessed she’d get off on mosh pits.

  25. Hoping to upstage Beiber’s onstage barfing, Rihanna drops a turd for the front row.

  26. What’s your O-Face?

  27. spirit fingers

    Wow, that Peter Dinklage is really versatile.

  28. “I just hate the itch and discomfort of yeast infections…”

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